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Jocelyn Beausire is a performance artist, musician, and spatial researcher based in Seattle, WA. Her work functions as temporal architecture, constructing and activating an emotional, multi-sensory ecology to reveal relations between the performer, audience, and environment. Site-specific histories are unearthed and distilled into a series of loaded but simple actions. Her work reveals an underlying fascination with the impact and creation of place, and the ways in which human beings’ relational identities are shaped by external environmental spaces and the spaces within their bodies. Through proffering performative control to the viewer, Beausire acknowledges, contextualizes, and augments perceptions of her body as a place of constructed and performed youth, vulnerability, and femaleness, as an artifact of her ancestry, and as a site of present action.

Beausire graduated with honors from the University of Washington with degrees in Architecture Theory and Vocal Performance in 2017. She has performed and presented her work with Base Experimental Arts + Space, On The Boards, Table and Chairs, Cry+Roar Festival (Seattle, WA), Suspend:Release Performance Festival (Bushwick, NY), and as a resident artist at La Wayaka Current in the Chilean Atacama Desert (2018), and with ChaNorth Artist Residency in upstate New York (2019). She is a co-editor of  the design journal ARCADE NW, and a member of SOIL Gallery.

Traveling between a series of points, a body in motion creates a vector through space. In some ways this is a wearing down, a deterioration. 

In others it is a growing, an accumulation, an occupation, a consumption, a kind of pregnant expansion. 

Pieces of gravel, smashed cans, motel key cards, an earring found on the ground of a gas station. The artifacts that mark points on the journey can be removed, pulled along, and used as reflections of distance and trajectory. As I move, I will stitch these together and pull them apart. What can you understand of the journey, if you only have access to a fragment of the whole?


November 21-24

Saturday through Tuesday, I will be traveling and exploring the act of accumulation. I will be mailing what I accumulate from post offices across the Western US.

Please respond with your address to receive an artifact from my journey, as available.


Included in the package will also be an invitation to a discussion on distance, accumulation, occupation, and spatial identity. 

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