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Coast Salish and Duwamish Territory, Seattle, WA //




Beginning Live every day at 4pm

Streaming Online daily 6–7pm EST


Special Service 

Beginning Live & Online at 5am EST

Sunday May 9

Supplementary sound for the Service is provided to be played either independently or simultaneously with livestream.

Supplementary sound for the Service is provided to be played either independently or simultaneously with livestream.

Materials: seven white cotton sheets, 200 feet of cotton rope, 28 steel cotter pins, six white cotton dresses, white thread, needle, one white plastic lawn chair, sound of twelve hymns sung through a mouthful of milk, ten pounds of half processed spelt, pewter offering bowl, water.

(Sunday only) footage of 16 hours in juvenile spelt field.






Wheat is winnowed, chaff separated from seed by wind. The chaff to the earth, wheat to the stomach. It is productive insomuch as it feeds, clothes, mothers. I see mother as my self, as mother seeing I / II. Bondage through milk, division through air, sunlight. It is taken and turned, the in-between germinates, the abject is put in soil.


It is productive insomuch as it spreads, pulls, perpetuates. Medieval monks had visions of suckling the virgin Mary. Disunion wounds are cauterized later in life.  


I always hear hymns in my mother’s voice.

Special thanks to:


Finnriver Grainery for kindly allowing access to their place, product, and history.


Adriana Ortiz, for support in materials and clothing production


Sofie Kjørum Austlid, for support in sound and video production

ChaNorth Artist Residency, for supporting the early stages of this work


Jocelyn Beausire is a performance artist, musician, and spatial researcher based in Seattle, WA. Her work functions as temporal architecture, constructing and activating an emotional, multi-sensory ecology to reveal relations between the performer, audience, and environment. Site-specific histories are unearthed and distilled into a series of loaded but simple actions. Her work reveals an underlying fascination with the impact and creation of place, and the ways in which human beings’ relational identities are shaped by external environmental spaces and the spaces within their bodies. Through proffering performative control to the viewer, Beausire acknowledges, contextualizes, and augments perceptions of her body as a place of constructed and performed youth, vulnerability, and femaleness, as an artifact of her ancestry, and as a site of present action.


Beausire graduated with honors from the University of Washington with degrees in Architecture Theory and Vocal Performance in 2017. She has performed and presented her work with Base Experimental Arts + Space, On The Boards, Table and Chairs, Cry+Roar Festival (Seattle, WA), Suspend:Release Performance Festival (Bushwick, NY), and as a resident artist at La Wayaka Current in the Chilean Atacama Desert (2018), and with ChaNorth Artist Residency in upstate New York (2019). She is a co-editor of  the design journal ARCADE NW, and a member of SOIL Gallery.

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