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   August 27th–31st 

The 5th season of the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival focused on the theme of time passed. We asked artists and collectives to only submit work that has been previously presented to the public in years prior to 2018. With this year’s festival seeking to invite artists to show work previously presented we provided them with the support to re-examine their past through their own individual lens; communicating and presenting to the community what they believe to be vital and necessary. Through this year's theme we cultivated a foundation that can support opportunities to acknowledge, celebrate, debate, communicate, and engage the community with the rich history of durational, performance, and time-based art that has been integral to shaping the cultural legacy of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Bringing the past into the present is never an easy task. Current local and national politics have shown us the positive and negative dialogue that is generated from bringing history back into focus. We have seen what happens when history is chosen to be erased, forgotten, or mishandled. Taking on the responsibility for the continued growth of Yellow Fish we feel the responsibility to make sure the festival’s history of work, artists, venues, and community is retained, celebrated, and acknowledged. Too often when organizations, collectives, and spaces change hands important knowledge and information slips through the cracks; often times getting lost forever in the ineffable nature that performance and experimental art perpetuates. As the only festival in the city presenting durational performance art work we believe it is imperative that we begin to build an active collection and archive of the artists, presenters, and curators who have been pioneers, experimentalists, and leaders in durational and time based performance work in Seattle prior and during Yellow Fish’s lifetime. This year's festival theme seems to be the match needed to ignite this dense, layered, and complicated investigation. Every moment as time moves forward there is a past being created . How we decide to hold space for the past, will determine the shape our future takes.

 Over the course of five days 32 local, national, and international artists were presented within 4 distinct venues in Seattle, WA. 

 The work focused on a specific amount of time using the mediums of performance, sound, film, food and fashion. 

  Our festival duration was 184 hours.


Christine M Babic

Tom Baker

Sarah Berkeley (Nebraska)

Luke Martin + Aaron Foster Breilyn (Boston)

Gust Burns

Sunken Cathedral (SF)

Robert Campbell

Mariel Carranza (LA)

Ania Catherine (LA)

Garek J Druss (LA)

Nat Evans

Alex Mari + Myani Guetta

Jessa Carter + Will Hayes

Ryuta Iwashita (New Orleans/Japan)

Eleanor Kipping (Maine)

Max Kraushaar

Austin Larkin

LIMITS (Corrie Befort + Jason E. Anderson) 

Mikiki (Toronto)

Vanessa Molano

Branko Miliskovic (Belgrade)

Jordan Topiel Paul (Mexico City)

Arianna Richardson (Halifax)


Sarah Cameron Sunde (NYC)

Alia Swersky

Anna Telcs

Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender

Kim Upstill

Donnell Williams + Sister James

Takahiro Yamamoto (PDX)

Petra Zanki


Babette Pendleton

Jillayne Hunter

Kate O'Day

Marlys Yvonne 

Jessa Carter 


Fenja Abrams 

Monica Kerr 

Sierra Hendrix 

Special Events 
Kim Upstill 
Opening Dinner/Closing Party
Anna Telcs 
Artist Talks 
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.12.25 PM.png
Nat Evans 
Sound Dinner 
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