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"Full of beginnings without ends ...." 

                                                                                             Ursula K. Le Guin

Sarah Berkley

‘I Just Work Here: Business Unusual’

Duration: 8 hours

I Just Work Here is a series of performances in urban and rural spaces. These performances are informed by my work experiences in blue and white collar settings. The character I embody for the series is a caricature of the working woman, a feminine persona that I have donned for some of my jobs, especially as a woman in the tech industry. Often her office attire is a stark contrast to the landscape in which the performance occurs. This character has a controlled sex appeal that gives her some power by playing into stereotypical gender-roles and engaging the male gaze. The character performs repetitive, physically intense labor and her labor yields no product. In a larger sense, the I Just Work Here series raises questions about what work is.

Mariel Carranza

‘Behind the Table’

Duration: 3 hours

Time serve as a frame to enter a timeless space where the action or actions take their own course spontaneously influenced by all the components present in a given space, times and bodies.

Christine M. Babic

‘Strange Land Sceneries’

Duration: 8 hours

My work, my ideas are rooted in my culture and the land from which I was born. I am always writing and rewriting my voice as an indigenous person; finding ways to evolve as a native woman and expose the American Genocide, termination in disguise, blood quantum & all that

encompasses colonialist narrative; ways to personally and collectively decolonize through poetic image and inherently political actions.

Jordan T. Paul


Duration: 1.5 hours

My work seeks to explore the uncanny distance between measured time and felt duration.