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Phase 1 // URL: FALL 

Throughout November, the YFVI cohort is using the digital (or analog) world to engage with the theme:  To Stay Alive /| You Must be Live. 

The cohort has started meeting digitally-- sparking conversations over connections in each others' work, their relationships with the digital world, and brewing ideas for experiments during each of the phases. The nature of this year-long engagement is mercurial, and already it is shapeshifting! 


For the duration of Phase I, we have decided to provide weekly updates on the fluid engagements happening, with details of when and where you'll be able to tune in. You can expect a newsletter every Thursday, an Instagram update every Monday, and the website will be updated as details shift into place.

THIS WEEK // stay tuned as this changes daily...

Thursdays & Saturdays at 10AM PST

Saira Barbaric // Studio Visit live stream via Twitch

"Masked dancing and performance are the center of my artistic practice. There I get to become what I draw and dream. The Fates and the Ghede meet to inspire my SkullGuard a group of bone-faced mystics watching over makers and the unsane."


"I wanna share that I'll be doing regular drawing sessions on twitch.  I want to invite folks to check out my glitch first attempt or this week's hopefully less glitchy sessions!"

Watch the Stream here

Thursday, December 4th // Newsletter 

"Car Stories" by Divyamaan Sahoo continues using our newsletter format.

Friday, December 5th // Zoom chat 

Jocelyn Beausire follows up with her travel series. She will be speaking with each participant who received a package while on the road. More information to come! 

Monday, December 7th // Newsletter 

Annabel Turrado shares with us her personal reflection over the video works developed inside Phase 1. 


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