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Richmond, Virginia /  @dylanlanguell

Before entering an undergrad program in Art History at VCUarts, my life was informed by growing up on military bases. During this time relocating every three years between various European cities, and Washington, D.C instilled in me a fleeting relationship to objects. This sense of a learned pragmatism led me to utilizing the things around me and adopting possibilities that were readily available. Since starting my studio practice in 2010, my engagement in other mediums continues to broaden my experience and that research toward adopting new techniques and applications towards style, aesthetics, and context allowing for me to re-enter my work with a new perspective and turn it back on its own head.

I am committed to exploring accessible resources primarily in the domestic field, by reimagining them through their disposal and subsequent reactivation as a “transitional material.” This is how prenatal heart monitors initially found me. The heart is a sound that has an invisible universal familiarity – something that people experience everyday without thinking about and this grounds my interest towards using an inclusive resource in my artistic practice. As a result, I began to consider our larger association to health and the exchange that we often forgo in these relationships. I am driven to exploring these alternative potential into a transformative composition, that relies contextually on the performative activation as an embodiment of these ideas. Recycled and reclaimed resources continue to tie my practice together in understanding process, attributes, and surrounded context.



Despite my ever-changing circumstances I have never ceased to make work starting with my first time renting a studio to founding an artist collective here in Richmond. My motivation has always been self-guided or derived from a mostly isolated studio practice outside of an academic studio tutelage. For the last year I have found myself at a pivotal point where I am eager to further my practice and engage in a deeper dialogue with others. My aim is to conduct a comprehensive review, and even re-evalution of my practice, and welcome the elevated challenge to accelerate the intentionality within my work as well as deepen the connection with a historical and referable association within the contemporary art field.

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