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Annabel Turrado is a Los Angeles based performance installation artist, director and theatre creator. She attended California State University, Long Beach where she obtained her BA in Theatre, with a performance concentration and a minor in Psychology.  Annabel’s work is inspired by her curiosity of the human condition and focuses on the similarities of humanity at a cellular level. Her foundation of work is based in contemplative and meditative practice with an emphasis on imagery and symbolism. She holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University.

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Every Friday Annabel will release a video on our website. Archives and subsequent writing about the work will be stored here.

Friday, November 27th
' Mending '

It severs, it separates units, it cuts and splits families apart. It cuts hearts in half. ICE has torn apart 4,368 families and there's still so much we need to do in order to alleviate the anguish it has created. Here I sew halves of hearts back together in a figurative attempt to mend the effects that ICE has had on people. This is my version of mending the broken hearted. It is my hope that they see justice so their healing begins and they are made whole again

Friday, November 20th
' Raspado '

Using a raspador, a tool used to make Raspados (Mexican style snow cones), I scrape away at a 50lb block of ice for the duration of 3.5hrs. This is my literal translation of abolishing ICE, the system that has affected many Latinx communities. This piece took persistence, blood, sweat and hard work, which I believe are things needed to abolish the cruel system. This is dedicated to those doing the hard work to abolish this system and bring awareness to this issue. Also, this is dedicated to the children that should be enjoying raspados out in the park and not held in cages alone away from their parents, their families.  

Friday, November 13th
' Blindsided '

"This piece is my interpretation of the gross disregard ICE has on human life, particularly the women in their custody that were sucker punched with these insane and sneaky sterilizations. Here I stand with pieces of raw meat on my skin as a signifier to the notion of how these women are seen as mere pieces of flesh, of meat, and stripped of their humanity. The intrinsic lack of empathy and compassion in the system is a call for abolishment."

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