YFVI  Phase 2 // Residency

Within Phase 2 of Festival VI the cohort is invited to participate in an intensive residency period. The residency will act as a moment to gather in groups, generate ideas, begin production planning for the spring phase, and participate in a process of individual project development, group critique, and artist talks. 

YFVI Phase 3 // coming soon...

IN-RESIDENCE // Festival VI Artists

Week 1 // Divyamaan Sahoo, Dylan Languell, Amalya Megerman

Week 2 // Alex Mari, Saira Barbaric, Jocelyn Beausire

Week 3 // Pedro Mesa, Phyllis Akinyi, Annabel Turrado



We are excited to announce a series of virtual artist talks by some of our Festival VI artists.
RSVP to get the zoom link by emailing us at yellowfishfestival@gmail.com. 

Past artist talks will be available for viewing in the highlighted links below.

Feb 9 — Pedro Mesa // Feb 15 —Amalya Megerman //
Feb 23 — Jocelyn Beausire // Feb 28 — Annabel Turrado // Mar 4 — Divyamaan Sahoo // Mar 7 — Phyllis Akinyi



Upcoming: Artist Talk with Phyllis Akinyi : Email Us For An Invite 
Past Artist Talks: Divyamaan Sahoo : recording coming soon
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